Hi! I’m Greg. I’ve accomplished a lot in **eight years of professional experience** and over **twenty years of programming**. I made this site to help myself keep track of it all. # Who I am > [!recite|bg-green pane1] Builder > Built a highly distributed production system from scratch, researching bleeding-edge technologies, designing its overall architecture, and writing most of the code. >[!recite|bg-blue pane2] Open-source founder > Founded major open-source projects solving a wide array of real-world problems, such as [[Parjs|parsing]], [[Wampus|RPC]], and [[Preszr|object-graph serialization]]. > [!recite|bg-green pane3] Leader > Led a startup’s technological development starting with its earliest years, **making key decisions** that allowed the company to pivot based on market opportunities. > [!recite|bg-red pane4] Web Specialist > Deep and extensive domain knowledge in web protocols, browsers, JavaScript engines, and practically all client-side technologies. > [!column|flex no-title] > > [!todo] Designer > > Designed interfaces, tools, libraries, and package architectures with a strong emphasis on #DevEx. > > > [!todo] Generalist > > Mastered numerous [[Languages]], technologies, libraries, paradigms, and frameworks. > > > [!todo] Troubleshooter > > Debugged minified bundles, heisenbugs, leaky abstractions, perf and memory issues, and broken systems. > > > [!todo] Architect > > Designed systems, database schemas, and data pipelines. > # What I’ve done > [!column|flex no-title] > > [!success] [[Parjs]] > > #crossplatform #parser building library with an advanced #typescript API. > > > [!success] [[Patchwork]] > > #crossplatform framework that lets you patch #dotnet binaries with your own #csharp code. > > > [!success] [[Wampus]] > > #crossplform RPC #protocol client using #rxjs, written in TypeScript, with a carefully designed #api. > > > [!success] [[Preszr]] > > #crossplatform serialization library for sending #javascript object graphs through the pipes using a custom #protocol . > > > [!success] [[Perdido]] > > A media server! Lots of #bash and #linux with a dash of #python. > > > [!success] [[Imms]] > > #optimized #immutable #data-structures in #csharp made redundant by Microsoft during development! Mine were faster though. > > > [!todo] Professional stuff > > 8 years of professional experience in software, from developer to tech lead. Not sure how to present this bit yet! 🤔